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We're focused on you.

To win your case you'll need more than an attorney to represent the facts. You need an attorney who can represent you and your story. Because no matter what legal situation you're in, the end result will change your life. Make sure you have an attorney who focuses on your best interests and creates a strategy that results in the best outcome for you and your family.

You deserve the best.
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Law Offices of Zunder and Associates in Butler County

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Experienced local attorneys; respected by their peers and trusted by their community since 1992.

When life gets messy you need a reputable legal team that can help you get things back in order. With their widespread success across a variety of practice areas, Zunder and Associates is exactly who you need to protect your rights in contract negotiations, divorce proceedings, child custody hearings, criminal investigations, estate and probate issues, business transactions, DUI defense and other life changing events. We are by your side, fighting your battles, and ensuring your voice is heard.

So, let us give you some advice: If you want to ensure your rights are protected under the law, before you speak to the judge, the police, an investigator, your future ex-spouse, your future boss, your future business partner, or sign anything, contact us. The more you understand about your situation, your legal rights, and what you are agreeing to, the better the outcome will be for you. Zunder and Associates fights for you first.